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Based in Idaho Falls, ID. 7k Metals launched July 28, 2017.

The offices are filled with full-time, customer service reps. All staff is experienced in MLM / Networking and trained to take care of our customers and associates starting day 1. The company has multiple merchant accounts in use. Fulfillment is same day/next day once customer payments are confirmed.

The Full time CEO is Sam Cook. Ownership includes Josh Anderson, Zach Davis, Richard Hansen and Roger Ball. The company is FULLY funded and operated by seasoned, successful business men that also have extensive background in Networking on the largest scale.


• The OBJECTIVE 7k Metals is to provide every bullion buyer a way to save significantly on precious metal purchases of any quantity. The typical way to join is through a 7k Metals Membership at $250 for one year and provides unlimited transactions for precious metal bullion at the company's cost.

• Bullion is available at cost, in any quantity and any frequency to anyone with a current Membership, regardless of making referrals or being enrolled in Coin of the Month.

• Bullion savings can range from 5-35% depending on how much you purchase elsewhere.
• 7k exclusively uses the top two grading companies in the world: PCGS and NGC.

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The OBJECTIVE of this extremely simple compensation plan is to share the revenue from Memberships and numismatics (graded coins) with as many Associates as possible. By design, we do not use a million-dollar carrot that associates only dream about but almost no one will ever achieve. This is a NEW and DIFFERENT kind of compensation plan.

• Pay Periods are Sunday through Saturday and end precisely at midnight Pacific Time.

• It's a 50/50 binary with $500 cycles.
• Points can begin to accumulate the moment you are placed into the genealogy.
• The 7k Metals Prime Membership is worth 100 pts and each Coin of the Month is worth 20 pts.
• The maximum weekly team commission amount per tracking center is $7,000 per week.
• Your points will carry forward to the next weekly pay period. Points do not accumulate above 10,000 pts on either team side.

The number of coins available in the Coin of the Month program range from 1-5 graded coins. Each coin is worth 20pts to the upline and in any calendar month, any subsequent graded coin after your first, the 20pts points per coin(s) are added to your lesser side's team total. your company is not listed below, and you are the company owner or a leader in your company contact us and can put together a quote and contact you in a timely manner on how simple it is to help your distributors succeed. Cut down on the attrition rate most companies experience by building a national co-op marketing system for your distributors.

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